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Arizona alternative medicine
Arizona alternative medicine
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If you would like to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation at no charge with us to determine how we can help you, call 480-240-2600. If you want to send us a brief description of the issue you would like help with, email info@Arizona

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An Alphabet of Good Health in a Sick World by Martha M. Grout MD, MD(H) and Mary Budinger
An Alphabet Of Good Health
In A Sick World


January 2011 Newsletter

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Carol Ann Liaros Intuition Workshop
January 29

Many people accept the fact that psychic ability is a gift. And we now know that we all have the gift!

Saturday, January 29, $85.00, 10 AM to 5 PM (Lunch on your own)

Carol Ann Liaros has been conducting private intuitive consultations, teaching, and lecturing for nearly four decades. Thousands of past attendees use her methods every day to get accurate answers from their own inner wisdom. Numerous corporations have used her expertise prior to making aquisition, mergers, and personnel decisions.

Individual sessions are available, $125 per half hour: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Jan 31, Feb 1, and Feb 2.

Registration limited to 35 participants. RSVP to our front desk, 480-240-2600. (See flyer below)
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FDA Letter Re: Intravenous Vitamin C, Magensium, B Vitamins

In late December, the FDA sent a warning letter to McGuff Pharmaceuticals in California that the company will no longer be allowed to manufacture injectable vitamin C, injectable magnesium chloride, and injectable vitamin B complex.

According to McGuff Pharmaceuticals, this is a continuation of the FDA's policy that there should be no more "grandfathered" drugs. Drugs that entered the market before the passage of the 1938 act or the 1962 amendments to the act are often referred to as grandfathered drugs. Under the 1962 grandfather clause, the FFDCA exempts a drug from the effectiveness requirements if its composition and labeling have not changed since 1962 and if, before the 1962 amendments became effective, it was (1) used or sold commercially in the United States, (2) not a new drug as defined by the act at that time, and (3) not covered by an effective application.

Injectable ascorbic acid has been around since the 1930s; it is a "grandfathered" drug. So too are injectable magnesium and B vitamin complex.

The FDA's warning letter means that these injectables can no longer be manufactured. They must now be compounded, meaning, made by hand at a compounding pharmacy rather than by streamlined manufacturing methods. In my case, it means that when I order the injectable C, B-complex, and magnesium I need for my practice, it will come from McGuff's compounding pharmacy.

McGuff is the only maker of injectable vitamin C in the United States. We use their vitamin C in "Myers Cocktails," IPT cancer treatment, and more.

You may recall that last year the FDA used the same grandfather issue to limit dessicated thyroid - the natural form that comes from pigs instead of synthetic chemicals. Today, the companies that made the generic versions of natural thyroid no long do. Only Armour and RLC Labs (Westhroid and Nature-Throid) make it and it seems readily available.

January 22 Event at Sunflower Market

Sunflower Farmers MarketNatural Awakenings magazine and Sunflower Market are hosting a unique event on Saturday, January 22 from 11 AM - 2 PM.

First, Dr. Pamela Pappas will explain how to use homeopathic remedies. Next, Dr. Doris Rapp will talk about chemicals in personal care and household cleaning products. Then I will cover why it pays to buy organic and why we all should avoid GMOs.

So come join us at the Sunflower Market's Scottsdale store, Camelback and Miller (4402 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251). Meet Dr. Pappas, a board certified psychiatrist who uses primarily homeopathic remedies in her practice. She will be joining the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine in January. Dr. Rapp, a New York Times best selling author, has a new book out and will personally autograph your copy. What a great way to spend a bit of your Saturday!

January 29 - Intuition Workshop with Carol Ann Liaros

workshop flyer
[click image to enlarge]

Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine

School Lunches Get a Legislative Kick in the Rear

school lunchOn December 13, President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, a $4.5 billion expansion of the school lunch program. The USDA is now responsible for writing new nutrition standards for which foods can be sold in school cafeterias and vending machines. Health advocates like Josh Viertel, President of Slow Food USA, said: "It is about time we gave children the school lunch they deserve. We know that our food system is broken when the food we feed our children will cause one in three to develop diabetes. This Bill is far from perfect, and has involved large compromises, but is a great achievement towards our end goal of making kids healthier."

Huffington Post had an interesting, more in-depth article on it worth reading.

And if you want to understand how we got in this mess, read about the addiction and politics of food.

Give the Gift of Health

An Alphabet of Good Health in a Sick WorldA good number of you bought this book because I wrote it - and thank you. Now we are seeing a different phenomenon happening: once people start reading it and realize what it is - an easy to read and well documented explanation of integrative medicine - they come back and get 5, 10, even 20 copies to give to friends and family who are ready to hear more than what their HMO had to say about their problem. And that's exactly why we wrote it.

The book will be available at the clinic for $19.95 plus tax, (there is an additional discount for purchases of 5 copies or more) or you may order it online at

IPT - Setting Up a Fund for a Cancer Patient

IPT is a targeted, low dose chemotherapy combined with complementary therapies. IPT targets the delivery of specific drugs to the cancer cells, bypassing most healthy cells. This treatment does not decimate the immune system, cause bouts of nausea, or cause you to lose your hair. We use about one-tenth the normal amount of chemo, and we use only those drugs that will be effective against the genetics of your specific cancer. This is a gentler, kinder, more intelligent way to treat cancer.

If you know someone for whom you would like to set up a fund to cover IPT expenses, you can establish a Patient Donation Page at the Best Answer For Cancer Foundation.


Homeopathic hCG Weight Loss Program

Want to see a slimmer you for years to come? Want to shed that belly fat, saddlebags, spare tire around the middle? The hCG weight loss program will deliver results.

The hCG diet is a medically managed program. It involves both weight loss and detoxification. Want to decrease your odds for heart disease and diabetes? Storing abdominal fat causes you to store excess fat in your liver, which makes the liver less able to remove insulin from your bloodstream after it has done its job of driving sugar into your cells. This kind of fat makes you resistant to insulin and triggers calcium build-up in your arteries.

Ready to really make a change? Call us. We'll help you out with $100 off the regular cost of the program.

Offer Expires: February 28, 2011

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